NEW: Our jewelry series / fashion product, J-Line is now finally on the market!

J-Line is available for both women and men:

The white model is available in 3 sizes: Small (35 cm), Medium (39 cm) and Large (43 cm). The White model must be wrapped around the wrist twice.
Black model J-Line is available in 4 sizes: Xsmall (18.5 cm) Small (19.5 cm) Medium (22 cm) and Large (23.5 cm).

Lasota Energy is a Danish company created in 2011. We develop and distribute innovative high quality products, with effective negative ion charge and holograms with electromagnetic shell frequencies. Our philosophy is central to the development of our products. By focusing on the body as a whole, your new product will help optimize your body and bring it as much as possible. The product contains nothing harmful and can easily be used by children, adolescents and the elderly.